Martin Kleinert, aka MK, was born in Eisenhüttenstadt in 1979. His early interest in audiovisual media lead to an employment as editor and designer of an interactive, computeranimated gameshow in a regional TV-station. Martins creativity also helped him enrich numerous private events.

Following his A-levels and various internships, MK completed an apprenticeship as advertising merchant, which granted him profound insights into business-marketing, particularly into the motion picture, TV and broadcasting areas. Continuing education helped Martin to perfect his audiovisual media skills, enabling him to work

as a cutter and producer for television and broad-casting commercials.

As one of the cofounders of Jig-Records, MK supports “The Jiggers”,as VJ, with self-produced animations and videosamples. Additionally, Martin cuts all Jiggers music- videos and is a great support concerning marketing questions.